Getting serious: Total VET Activity reporting and the pursuit of earned autonomy

Getting serious: Total VET Activity reporting and the pursuit of earned autonomy In my last post, I wrote about the impact that the Unique Student Identifier (USI) will have on the vocational education and training (VET) industry. But USI is only part of a broader strategy around data collection and leveraging that information. Collection and analysis of data has always been an inherent part of vocational education and training as it serves an important and serious purpose in ensuring ...

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Surviving USI – VET’s next Game Changer

Surviving USI – VET’s Game Changer The advent of the Unique Student Identifier (USI) looks set to change the landscape of education administration in Australia. Taking a long view, it promises serious benefits for everyone involved in the industry, but like all change, it will have its casualties along the way. The transition is critical. It will define which RTOs are best placed to adapt to change and those that may be exposed by their inflexibility. Some have taken the USI ...

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JobReady USI

USI Soft Launch a Success

  USI Soft Launch a Success JobReady recently assisted with the successful soft launch of the Department of Industry’s Unique Student Identifier (USI) services. We are proud to be part of this significant change in Vocational Education and Training in Australia at such an early stage and that JobReady clients were first in line to to apply for USIs via the USI Web Service. As part of our ongoing commitment to client partnerships, BCA National were one of the RTOs participating in the ...

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On the Visionary in the Agile Process: The Product Owner

On the Visionary in the Agile Process: The Product Owner Last month I posted a series of articles on the agile methodology and its application to software development projects. Since then, at JobReady, we have continued to invest in and refine our agile process. We have found, like many aspects of running a business, the process needs to be continually reviewed and polished. What we have also found is the importance of the integral role of the Product Owner to provide a vision for ...

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The Unique Student Identifier – ‘Online training records on the way’

The Unique Student Identifier (USI) scheme was finally approved in Parliament in June 2014.  So the USI is no longer just on the radar, from 1st January 2015, Registered Training Organisations will be required to collect and verify a USI for all students and include in AVETMISS reporting. During 2013/2014, the Department of Industry’s USI Taskforce has sent regular communications to RTOs and Student Management System providers, preparing them for the introduction of the USI.  RTOs now ...

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