The Power of Omission

This week, we invited guest blogger, Mark Hodgson, who assists JobReady with business coaching and strategy, to provide a post. See Mark's bio at the foot of the blog. The Power of Omission Offering your customers less, not more choice, can be a very smart strategy. The ALDI supermarket chain will be familiar to both UK and, increasingly, AU readers. Relative newcomers to an Australian market heavily dominated by Woolworths and Coles (combined market share 72.5%), the German value chain ...

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Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby

Ruby Conf Australia 2014 comes to Sydney. This year JobReady Solutions is excited to be a principal sponsor of RubyConf Australia 2014 hosted in Sydney this 20-21 February. Delivering products and services with the Ruby on Rails framework for over 6 years, along with our developers regularly giving talks at the monthly Sydney Community meet ups, JobReady sees this as an excellent opportunity to give back and show support to the Open Source community. The Ruby on Rails community is ...

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Leadership lessons from Sir Alex Ferguson

I am a huge fan of ex-Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, better known as Fergie. I often wondered how Fergie managed to sustain consistently great results for such a long period; he was at the United helm for 26 years and enjoyed incredible success. And how many times did we see Manchester United score in the dying seconds of a game? This seemed to me to go beyond "good luck". How did he manage and motivate the players? How did he plan for games and strategise? Surely, we ...

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Getting back on that horse... and staying there

As the year of horse canters over the horizon, I’ve made myself promises of the good habits that I will maintain. A jumbo box of dental floss sticks has appeared in my bathroom, my bed is neatly made as I type and a spartan exercise regime has been adhered to so far. I am apprehensive however, I’ve been down this road before and now as the early zeal begins to wane, what can I do to ensure these become lasting habits. You may have noted that I have been a little quiet on the blog of ...

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Are you ready for the question: Do you take Bitcoin?

I was in the middle of a product demonstration this week and I was discussing the financial capabilities of JobReady.RTO when an unexpected question came: “Does JobReady accept Bitcoin?” I was a little taken aback. I'd read enough about Bitcoin to know what he was referring but didn’t honestly think it would be something I would come across. For those that are not aware of Bitcoin, it is an online currency, or 'crypto-currency' that can be used to purchase goods and services. It ...

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