The Mythical Man Month - revisited

The Mythical Man Month - revisited Almost 40 years ago, Fred Brooks published a book The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering whose central theme is that "adding manpower to a late software project makes it later". Cut to 2014 and the computing industry is still struggling to define a uniform and consistently successful method to keep a software project on track. Software development projects are notorious for running behind schedule. Many companies have tried yet failed ...

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A Tool Kit to Blog (or Die) - Not as dramatic as it sounds

A Tool Kit to Blog (or Die) - Not as dramatic as it sounds Some time in 2012, we realised we needed a social media strategy at JobReady. We reasoned that a blog in particular would be a great way to engage with existing and potential customers and to build our reputation as industry and technology experts. We also found that traditional forms of marketing, such as advertising and direct email were becoming less effective. After the first month of publishing a weekly blog and the ...

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JobReady & Xero tie the knot

  Xero Partnership Announcement The eagerly awaited partnership is here. I’m excited to announce that JobReady and Xero are now officially technology partners and JobReady.RTO is neatly integrated with Xero’s “beautiful” accounting software package. This platform integration will allow our RTOs to connect their JobReady SMS to one of the best online accounting platforms on the market. It will deliver great efficiencies to an RTO’s back-office admissions team who ...

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First Principles of CRM - Know your Customers

First Principles of CRM - Know your Customers I am sure that all of the readers of this blog are very familiar with Customer Relationship Management (CRM). In my experience, CRM means different things to different people. A quick Google search will return thousands of results. There are a number of very large and successful companies that have built their business on selling software solutions to manage CRM. Very quickly, it becomes difficult to avoid being caught up in the finer points ...

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The Gloves are off - the new Australian Privacy Principles

The Gloves are off - the new Australian Privacy Principles With the Australian Privacy Principles enforceable from 12 March 2014, many Australian businesses are experiencing difficulty navigating the minefield of principles and are unsure how they relate to them. For JobReady customers, such as Registered Training Organisations and Job Services Australia providers, there are several important new requirements to consider and ensure you are compliant. To summarise briefly what ...

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