JobReady are experts at understanding everything that a provider can accomplish…  and it starts with that single placement.

Reducing the admin burden

Before your staff even market a client, let alone place them, they are often buried in administration. How much more effective will your team be if you can reduce that burden?

How many more placements will your new case managers make if not spending weeks, or even months, getting up to speed with administration requirements and the complexities of IT systems? What impact will a powerful vacancy and referral management system have on your placement numbers?

What to do about outcomes?

Every provider knows that outcomes are the lifeblood of their organisation. Outcomes mean contract security, stability, Star Ratings and revenue.

Why are some organisations able to produce high outcome numbers with relatively low placements in the bank? Conversion strategies! JobReady Live is designed to assist your organisation drive placement numbers. However, we also know that placements mean very little if they don’t convert. That’s where our advanced PPS tracking, monitoring and reporting comes into play. . .we call it the Outcome Saver.

How much more would your organisation achieve if it was able to drive its conversion rates up by an additional 20,30 or 40%? How would your site managers perform if they were able to monitor PPS for any Job Seeker on the caseload in a matter of seconds? How much quicker would they be able to detect potential issues . . and ultimately how many outcomes could they save?

The bottom line…

Employment Service Providers operate in a challenging environment. Increasingly, providers need to become more productive and smarter through innovation so that all of the hard work is actually shown on the bottom line.

Have you ever thought how much additional business your organisation would be able to generate if staff had the time to consolidate relationships with Centrelink and other referral partners? Have you wondered how much additional business you would secure at tender time if your conversion rates and outcome numbers were that much higher than the ESA average? How would your bottom line react if you could give your staff the tools to achieve so much more?

We all know that in this highly competitive industry, whether you’re a government, private or a not-for-profit provider, performance improvement is always essential.

Look to the Stars

Better Star Ratings are every provider’s ultimate goal. If your Stars are good. . you and your staff know that the future is bright and promising. The second they begin to slip. . uncertainty and fear can spread through your business instantly.

We believe that Star Ratings are truly a bi-product of effective resource allocation and genuine results.  Through proper use of Job Ready Live, your organisation can enjoy more placements, higher brokered placement rates (JSA), more outcomes, higher outcome conversion rates and a significant reduction in non-compliance. A perfect recipe for the Star Ratings that you know your organisation deserves.