Business Travel Tips from JobReady

We recently discovered that JobReady staffers made over 400 flights last year* to train and consult to customers across Australia. So, we asked our well travelled team to put together their top 10 business travel tips:

  1. Drink water. Lots of it. Travel dehydrates you and that will drain your energy levels.
  2. Keep productive. When you travel there is a lot of dead time in airports and taxis. Prepare in advance and catch up on those articles you have been meaning to read and phone calls you have been meaning to make.
  3. Smaller devices. We armed our staff with smaller laptops and tablets this year. Easier on our backs and so much easier when you have to pass through security.
  4. Avoid lifts and escalators and take the stairs where possible. When you travel a lot, you are not moving enough so take all the opportunities you can.
  5. Get a spare mobile battery or charger. The classic travelling mistake is your mobile running out of juice. And we bet you need to stay connected.
  6. Take a notepad. On a flight, you have that rare opportunity for quiet, reflective time. Do some plans or brainstorms. You’ll be amazed at the “blue sky thinking” that can be done at 30,000 feet.
  7. JobReady staffers have been using Wotif Mystery Hotel deals this year. We have not been disappointed and everyone loves a surprise, right?
  8. When JobReady staffers are staying a while in a city, we try to book an apartment. They can be surprisingly good value and it’s a more like a “home from home”. And if you are really well organised, buy a box of cereal and milk for a healthy breakfast every day.
  9. Take your gym or walking gear. Fill your lungs with oxygen in the morning and you will be “on form” all day.
  10. Breathe…relax. If you hit delays or traffic jams, remember these are out of control and there is nothing you can do. So sit back and take a moment.

Chris Smith is our best travelled. He always likes the comfort of his own cereal.

* Yes, we like to be green and we always choose to offset carbon on our flights.