JobReady RTO is packed full of features designed to streamline your Organisation. Your team can communicate better between themselves and with your customers. There is a record of all correspondence so everything is in one place.

The JobReady CRM helps you find new customers and nurture your existing relationships. You can build workflow to standardise and automate your business processes. Flexible reporting gives you the freedom to control your information.

Get the Student Management System that truly delivers.


One Clear Voice

JobReady provides mail merge for fast population of your letters and templates, such as a Welcome letter or Certificate which is saved against the student’s record for easy retrieval.

You can automate emails and send SMS at key milestones. Your staff can easily message students and each other and delegate tasks.

Get your organisation communicating with one clear voice.


Great Systems

At JobReady we believe that great businesses are underpinned by great systems.

Use JobReady tasks to automatically generate actions upon key events, such as a “Welcome email” to a student upon enrolment or a reminder email to complete a unit when a student falls behind.

You can automate checklists for your staff to ensure that a consistent process is followed, every time.

Start to run your business on ‘auto-pilot’ by employing workflow management.

Better Claims Management

If you receive funding from the government, enjoy the power of JobReady’s comprehensive AVETMISS Reporting & Claims Manager that ensures you never miss a payment and captures necessary data accurately and consistently.

Track expected and actual claims for your training business, improving cash flow management and financial visibility.

Customer is King

Manage customer relationships and your prospects better in JobReady. Your business development team can track opportunities and create reminders to follow up on prospects.

Use the integrated communication to streamline customer communication and improve customer retention.

JobReady business intelligence will help you to highlight opportunities for new and repeat business.


Freedom to Report

How can you manage what you can’t measure? JobReady gives you the tools you need to measure performance, monitor the health of your business and identify possible problems early. JobReady real-time reporting delivers the decision making clout that RTO managers require.

Often in business, you need a report so you can respond swiftly to an unforeseen event or opportunity. The flexible Report Builder gives you the freedom to “mine” your information, so you can find the answers and truly control your business.