We have just recently implemented JobReady, the staff are to be highly commended on their professionalism, promptness and knowledge.

What made us choose JobReady was the quick turn around with our initial enquiry, from this point on, the service JobReady has delivered is of a high standard.  From ‘going live’ until you feel confident with the system the staff are happy to always to support us.

The software is user friendly, AVETMISS compliant and cost effective.  The functionality of this system will ensure our business will be streamlined and compliant.

Judith Mills
Kath Dickson Family Centre


It is rare that you come across a piece of software that can do so much. The software literally grows with your organisation to accommodate business needs – from your standard AVETMISS data entry right through to a virtual filing cabinet for all of your students and their assessments. Compatible with modern technologies, JobReady is just so easy – such as taking class attendance on an Ipad in class to uploading any form of completed assessment to an individual`s student record. Couple this with the personalised support and wonderful trainers facilitating hands-on tutorials it is little wonder that JobReady has been awarded its latest contract by the Government to design, develop and commission the new AVETARS system. If only all systems were as easy to personalise to individual business we would all be able to get so much more done!

Nicholas Alderdice
Chief Executive Officer, Alderdice & Associates


The staff at JobReady are responsive to our needs and work closely with us to ensure our software and reporting requirements are developed within the shortest possible time frame. I highly recommend JobReady to any Registered Training Organisation as the software meets all of our requirements and the staff are great to deal with.

Phillip McGilvray, Chief Executive Officer


Our staff have found the ease of use and helpful JobReady staff an absolute joy to work with. Congratulations on helping our business to streamline our processes and ensure this office delivers a standard of service which is consistent and of high quality.

Julie Stanmore

Renouf Academy

“The initial one-on-one and online training was very useful and incredibly user friendly with its Google style search it allows users to understand the program very quickly and with ease. I have appreciated their efficient support team who are highly trained and provide immediate and timely responses to any concerns or issues that are raised. I would highly recommend this software to RTO users – it is cost effective and compliant ready which is absolute peace of mind !”

Natalie Boult, Director
Renouf Academy


As promised, JobReady developed and delivered productive and simple software tailored to suit our needs in a University environment. I have received a lot of positive feedback from students and staff on the software in particular how user friendly it is and how much time it has saved them.  The team at JobReady are committed and focused on meeting their customer’s needs and provide efficient support and valuable advice. It has been a delight to work with JobReady on the implementation of the software and I would highly recommend them to any business seeking simple, productive and comprehensive software solutions.

Kara Walker

Manager Administration & Human Resources, Applied Finance Centre, Macquarie University