The DES landscape is rapidly changing. Don’t be left behind!

Chris McMillan On September 6, 2017

The new DES model means that you need to attract and engage stakeholders in a market where participants have choice and control over the services they receive.    What's your plan?   I believe that technology as an engagement tool is the key strategy to leveraging greater ATTRACTION, PLACEMENT and RETAINMENT for not only participants but including all stakeholders, employers and external service. What Does the Future Look Like?   Think about it - what service do you have these day... Read More


Update from JobReady’s CEO July 2017

JobReady On July 20, 2017

As we dive into the new financial year, I invite you to pause for a few moments. I write to update you on what has been happening at JobReady and outline some of our exciting future plans. I hope these give you some fresh ideas and inspiration for your own business growth. NEW PARTNERS Firstly, I am delighted to announce that our management team now has a new investment partner with an outstanding track record of working with fast growth businesses and is backing JobReady’s expansion plans, a... Read More

Did you miss the A2E Webinar?

James Hourn On May 5, 2017

Thank you firstly to those that attended the Assess2Educate (A2E) webinar last week, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. If you missed the A2E webinar with Darren Coppin but would like to see how A2E can help you with student engagement, you can access a video recording of the session here. You can understand more about Assess2Educate at the A2E web site - here. If you have any questions at all on this new service from JobReady, please contact your Account Manager directly or James Hourn on jamesh... Read More

JobReady Customer Event – Live the Future

JobReady On September 27, 2016

To celebrate our 20 years in business, we are hosting an exclusive experience at the Sydney Opera House - see event web site. Each JobReady customer is invited to register for 2 complementary tickets. As well as celebrating the last 20 years, we will be looking to the future of Education and Employment. The event includes acclaimed keynote speaker and futurist, Craig Rispin, and an expert from Facebook, Oliver Moore, before a networking event of cocktails and canapes, overlooking the magnificent Sydney Harbour. ... Read More

Messaging – Instant gratification is here

JobReady On March 31, 2016

Messaging – Instant gratification is here Right now in business, email is the most common way that teams communicate. According to the most recent Email Statistics Report from The Radicati Group, the number of business and consumer emails sent in 2016 will top 215 billion. It makes sense that we love email. It’s what we know. It has proven value. It’s not paper. But you are probably familiar with the drawbacks of email as well. Keeping your inbox under control can be an enormous challenge. Entire book... Read More


Chris Smith On March 24, 2016

Shorter/Smarter I have a flight in the morning. I know this because the airline just sent me a text message as a reminder. It doesn’t contain much, just the flight details and a link so that I can check in online. Basically, everything I need to know the day before a flight. It’s simple and it’s designed to make my experience of the trip as pleasant as possible. SMS as a means to ‘push’ information has been common practice in sectors such as air travel for a while now but this has been slow to exten... Read More