The DES landscape is rapidly changing. Don’t be left behind!

Chris McMillan On September 6, 2017

The new DES model means that you need to attract and engage stakeholders in a market where participants have choice and control over the services they receive. 


What’s your plan?


I believe that technology as an engagement tool is the key strategy to leveraging greater ATTRACTION, PLACEMENT and RETAINMENT for not only participants but including all stakeholders, employers and external service.

What Does the Future Look Like?


Think about it – what service do you have these days that you can’t access online?  Employment Services that now move to a digital landscape will have an edge over those that wait.

I have seen digital self-service thrive in other areas of our sector. Over the last 12 months Apprenticeship Network Providers have started providing apprentices and employers with online options for their regular servicing period contacts, giving them the flexibility to respond in their own time. I have seen close to 40% completion rates of these servicing contacts, which is a huge improvement.


Could the same concept apply to say PPS? Can you save time, money and frustration by letting the participant respond at a time that suits them, online? These are the types of discussions that need to be had moving forward.

I believe that providers need to adopt the right technology to transform service delivery models and provide stakeholders with online, interactive and user-friendly services.

Services that are accessible on demand, letting your consultants focus their efforts on the key personal interactions stakeholders need to give them the right “human” support and get that job, and keep it!

Jobseekers need to know about you so that they can choose your service. External providers need to be able to refer jobseekers to you, easily.


Come have a coffee, chat with myself and find out how technology as an engagement tool can elevate your organisation to the next level.

Drop in and see me at the JobReady Stand at the 2017 Disability Employment Australia Conference.