The Gig Economy – Changing the Face of Employment Through Tech

Nick Loizos On October 12, 2017

If you attended the recent Disability Employment Australia (DEA) conference in Brisbane you probably saw an unexpected exhibitor, Uber. That’s right, the multibillion dollar company behind the ride-sharing app.


So, why would Uber be at a DEA conference? I think there are a couple of reasons.


Firstly, Uber opens new employment options for people with a disability and shows the unexpected benefits that technology, such as Uber, can bring. Disability is no barrier to becoming an Uber driver partner. Uber don’t care whether you have a disability or not, as long as you have a suitable car and the right drivers licence, you can become an Uber driver. Whilst it is unlikely that this formed a big part of the thinking in the creation of the Uber service, the fact that the service provides an employment path for people with a disability is a great ‘unexpected consequence’!


Secondly, it shows the changing nature of employment as it moves towards  on-demand services and the gig economy.


Airtasker is another perfect example of how the gig economy is changing the face of employment and throwing up new opportunities. Airtasker connects those who need a job done with those willing to do it. Whether that’s doing the impossible and assembling an IKEA wardrobe or providing on-call clerical, copywriting or design services remotely, there are a host of opportunities that can be fulfilled by people with a disability. Employment into the future is increasingly becoming multiple smaller jobs that can be done at any time of day, not just the traditional hours of 9-5.


Technology has made all this possible. It is directly connecting consumers with willing and available job seekers, whilst also providing job seekers with the flexibility to work when they want, on jobs that suit their capacity.


This change is happening now, and providers who don’t keep up with the new world of employment will be left behind. Providers who engage and connect with both their jobseekers and technology will find new and innovative methods of gaining their jobseekers employment. The services and technology is there waiting!