JobReady submission supports VET’s future

JobReady is a supporter of a strong vocational education and training (VET) sector. Download our full submission to the 2019 VET Review below.

JobReady’s submission to the VET Review

JobReady provided a submission to the Federal Government’s 2019 Expert Review of Vocational Education and Training as part of our commitment to supporting the future of the VET sector.

Working in tandem with higher education, we believe a modern and robust VET system will be crucial to supplying the skills both individuals and the economy will need to navigate and succeed in the future of work.

We began by arguing VET plays an important role in our education mix, provides an important practical pathway alongside higher education and benefits from private sector participation.

Download JobReady’s full submission to the Vocational Education and Training Review

The review’s final report was delivered in March 2019. The full report can be accessed here.