Unique Student Identifier (USI) for
Higher Education
With the USI regime being expanded to higher education, it’s time to ask if your
Student Management System is ready for USI?

What will the higher ed USI rollout look like?

A USI is a 10-character alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies an individual learner for life and allows a single source of truth for all accredited competencies achieved in VET studies.

To be rolled out in higher education from early 2021, by 2023 all higher education providers will need to ensure that all of their students have a USI, whether they are new enrolments or commenced their study prior to 2021. 

Now’s the time to start preparing for the transition. The big question is how can technology help with USI?

How can technology help with USI? 

No Technology
Steps needed to be manually taken by an administrator to create a USI for an individual student, leaving a lot of room for manual error. 

JR Plus Student Management System
By creating a student’s record, JR Plus retrieves the USI automatically with direct integration to government USI systems in real time.

USI Manager
The USI Manager is a powerful tool in JR Plus that seamlessly checks every student record in the system and attempts to verify their USI using the ‘Locate’ web service in one central location.


Direct Government USI Integration
Automatically verify and locate USI’s in student records via a direct integration with the Government USI system. You also have the option of manually editing each student’s record.

Find out more about JR Plus and USI Manager

If you would like to find out how JR Plus can help you transition to USI with ease, talk to one of our specialists by contacting us below.

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