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JR Active helps Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) providers achieve mastery over the complete apprenticeship life-cycle.

With over two decades of experience building apprenticeship management software to solve industry-specific problems, JR Active combines the power of automation and efficiency with the potential of true client partnership to ensure today’s AASN providers thrive in a more modern and mobile age of apprenticeship support.

Software Highlights


Use personalised dashboards to help staff visualise and keep task status front-of-mind every day, while encouraging action on urgent activities through reminders and documenting progress.


Track and manage a full pipeline of apprentice and employer contacts and reminders, while enabling the timely submission of documentation and managing follow-ups through to completion.


Consolidate and categorise all of your smart forms in one simple-to-use place and ensure timely submission of accurate data to the relevant authorities with a click of a button.


Coordinate your field operations with mobile tools that capture sign-ups on the ground in real-time while tracking your sign-up pipeline through revision, registration and approval.


Manage claim form submissions and reminders for groups and individuals over time, while motivating action using customised communication tools including letters, email and SMS.


Manage the full apprenticeship life cycle from eligibility prediction through to incentive management and milestone contacts.


See the future with a powerful forecasting tool that helps you visually manage claims so you can stay on top of the function today and tomorrow.

Customer Relations Management

Track customers and opportunities with purpose built CRM technology that ensures leads are allocated and continually nurtured.


Make compliance central with tools like electronic training evidence collection, audit reporting and payment predictions.


Trust the system of choice for current AASN providers to manage everything from training contracts and sign-ups to incentives and loan payment processing.

Purpose Built

Leverage the power of technology built to solve industry-specific problems based on twenty years of proven experience in apprenticeship management.


Ease the admin burden with a system built for making your operation automated and productive throughout the entire apprenticeship journey.


Achieve better engagement using market-leading self- service access for employers, RTOs, and apprentices as well as SMS and email communication.

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