Workforce development and capability management.

Track and measure skills across large workforces while managing pathways for individual employees and entire organisations.

Workforce development and training management.

JR Plus brings enterprise skills management together with individual employee learning pathways, giving you a new way to maximise people power in fast-changing industry environments.

Capability Matrix

See the skills you have and the skills you need across your entire workforce.

Skills Acquisition

Train your workforce in areas of skills need with development pathways.

Continuous Learning

Map continuous learning journeys that stack skills and codify advancement.

Digital Credentials

Certify milestones that can be shared on digital networks.

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JR Plus for Volkswagen

“JR Plus is definitely the most innovative, flexible and future proof workforce development system we came across when we went to the market. It allows us to support not only our staff through amazing workflows but also provide students with assessments, learnings and more importantly a unique and enjoyable student experience.”

– Amy Morgan, Academy Project & Operations Manager