JR Active

No.1 in Australian Apprenticeships
Support Software.

JR Active helps Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) providers achieve mastery over the complete apprenticeship life-cycle.

With over two decades of experience building apprenticeship management software to solve industry-specific problems, JR Active combines the power of automation and efficiency with the potential of true client partnership to ensure today’s AASN providers thrive in a more modern and mobile age of apprenticeship support.

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Software Highlights


Use personalised dashboards to help staff visualise and keep task status front-of-mind every day, while encouraging action on urgent activities through reminders and documenting progress.


Track and manage a full pipeline of apprentice and employer contacts and reminders, while enabling the timely submission of documentation and managing follow-ups through to completion.


Consolidate and categorise all of your smart forms in one simple-to-use place and ensure timely submission of accurate data to the relevant authorities with a click of a button.


Coordinate your field operations with mobile tools that capture sign-ups on the ground in real-time while tracking your sign-up pipeline through revision, registration and approval.


Manage claim form submissions and reminders for groups and individuals over time, while motivating action using customised communication tools including letters, email and SMS.


Manage the full apprenticeship life cycle from eligibility prediction through to incentive management and milestone contacts.


See the future with a powerful forecasting tool that helps you visually manage claims so you can stay on top of the function today and tomorrow.

Customer Relations Management

Track customers and opportunities with purpose built CRM technology that ensures leads are allocated and continually nurtured.


Make compliance central with tools like electronic training evidence collection, audit reporting and payment predictions.


Trust the system of choice for current AASN providers to manage everything from training contracts and sign-ups to incentives and loan payment processing.

Purpose Built

Leverage the power of technology built to solve industry-specific problems based on twenty years of proven experience in apprenticeship management.


Ease the admin burden with a system built for making your operation automated and productive throughout the entire apprenticeship journey.


Achieve better engagement using market-leading self- service access for employers, RTOs, and apprentices as well as SMS and email communication.

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JR Gov

VET management for Government

JR Gov enables governments to deliver and manage complex apprenticeship programs at scale.

The result of two decades of experience building vocational education and training technology, JR Gov couples vast domain knowledge with creative thinking to provide an end-to-end software partnership, from consultation and systems engineering to change management, hosting and support services.

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Software Highlights


Auto-approve the vast majority of apprenticeship contracts and flag follow-ups, while setting funding for individuals automatically at the point of contract or training approval.


Decrease administration on core functions like qualification changes, payments, and funding applications with self-service for RTOs, employers, schools, AASN providers and students.


Manage contract and other variations digitally through self-service access, while creating ongoing ‘snapshots’ of every record to improve data recording and record visibility.


Facilitate automatic RTO payments with payment triggers to create efficiencies and reduce errors.


Receive self-service uploads from RTOs to support funding claims and national reporting, while generating 100% automated validation reports and a clear audit trail.


Capture qualification updates automatically with TGA integration and activate staff to accept or reject changes in real-time using auto-generated workflows.


Deploy a flexible funding model already designed for how future training could be delivered, making any modifications and additions fast, simple and cost-effective.


Use rapid, robust and reliable reporting built to make government more efficient while leaving room for agile adaptation and deployment of any future changes.


Free up resources by achieving faster turnarounds on approvals, variations and payments while increasing data accuracy and reducing time on complaints.


Benefit from top tier project management that combines a clear delivery roadmap with iteration flexibility and safeguard success with a rigorous governance framework.


Rely on scalable, secure managed hosting and market-leading post- implementation business and technical support from customer service experts.


Trust a provider with the systems experience required to manage VET data and a track record of providing the technical insight necessary to deliver VET programs at scale.

Client Testimonial

JR Gov in the ACT

JR Gov has changed the way the ACT manages apprenticeships. Find out how AVETARS has become more efficient and cut costs.

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JR Direct

Modern, mobile workforce for
Group Training Organisations.

JR Direct empowers Group Training Organisations (GTOs) to bring their workforce together through smarter technology to drive market-leading operational performance and apprenticeship outcomes.

Aligning teams, automating processes, saving time and reducing paperwork, JR Direct leads the market with a system wholly geared towards boosting apprenticeship completion rates, so GTOs have the foundation they need today to help train the workforce for tomorrow.

JR Direct
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Software Highlights

Prediction JR Direct


Lead the market with the power of completion prediction, which uses deep data pools to assess the likelihood of an apprentice completing so you can direct more support where it is needed.


Let triggers and workflows do the hard work for you at critical events and milestones so your team remains focused on higher value tasks and makes faster progress.

Workflows JR Direct
Notifications JR Direct


Automate multiple functions across your operation to reduce downtime and encourage timely action, like automatic notifications to your payroll team when key staff details change.


Give field teams real-time mobile access so they can access key apprentice details like TAFE dates, conduct a field visit, record a contact or incident, or complete a performance review on the go.

Access JR Direct


Recruit and place apprentices faster. Push jobs to Seek, accept applications, stream candidates and match them against vacancies using smarter workflows.


Stay in touch with customers more easily using in-built SMS and
email functions, or use advanced features like bulk SMS notifications to drive action from segmented groups.


Make better decisions using our powerful reporting suite, with customised reporting and tracking functions giving you unmatched visibility and control over your operation.

student management system australia


Create a centralised hub for all client data and communications
so you can leverage deeper customer profiles and grow your operations from one easy-to-use place.


Keep your team coordinated and focused by integrating recruitment, HR, field operations and finance functions to support teamwork.


Watch your business-critical software work seamlessly together thanks to our full API designed to ensure you maximise business efficiency.


Maximise field staff productivity and customer engagement with mobile-first software that enables access to data on the go from anywhere.


Stop things falling through the cracks with workflows and checklists that reduce manual processes and boost consistency and quality.

Some of our Clients

JR Live

Enabling technology for jobactive and DES

JR Live’s mission is to help employment services providers secure meaningful work for their clients more efficiently and effectively through technology.

With a true understanding of how providers, candidates and employers come together to achieve positive work outcomes that last, JR Live combines an engaging user experience with the power of tools designed to deliver results so jobactive and DES providers achieve best practice attraction, placement and retention outcomes.

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Software Highlights

Jobseeker Self-Service

Give your customers an improved jobseeker experience by putting self-service tools like chat and messaging, curated feeds, a jobs board and custom resources at their fingertips.

Employer Engagement

Source, recruit and engage your employers with advanced CRM tools including reverse marketing, pipeline management, ‘at a glance’ value information and account management.

Outcome Tracking

Centrally manage your outcomes with full outcome claim predictions, our CCU Kanban Board and evidence document management and tracking to ensure you never miss a claim again.

Post-Placement Support

Tailor your strategies to meet the needs of individual customers when they find work with the help of custom PPS schedules, visual PPS status reporting and tailored customer interventions.

Vacancy Management

Streamline jobseeker recommendations and referrals by removing unnecessary communication or duplication through features like batch email and SMS or multiple vacancy management.


Make compliance an integral part of how your staff work, from alerts that prompt them to complete appointment notes to appointment activity streams that keep jobseekers up to date and in the know.


Let jobseekers search for and self-refer to jobs, report FOES and upload documents. Keep consultants notified of actions needed with a system that underpins high performance and speed to placement.


Utilise a suite of tools designed for operational efficiency and complete oversight, including a full end-to-end purchasing system for Employment Fund tracking and automation.


Get smarter about case management success with market-leading diagnostic tools from Esher House that uncover real jobseeker attitudes and diagnose timed, targeted interventions.


Benefit from JR Live’s deep experience with Jobactive and DES providers and clients, as well as insights that make the sector’s significant everyday challenges simple and surmountable.


Centralise tasks like workload and caseload management, post- placement support and outcome claims to ensure you have complete oversight and your focus is on value-added services.


Engage jobseekers and employers using best-in-class tech, including batch SMS and email, enhanced placement and claims tracking, a CRM, management metrics and jobseeker self-service.


Watch as automation and workflows do the grunt work for you, ensuring you reduce time spent on lower value tasks and are redirecting staff energy into finding and placing people in work.

AccessAbility Day 2018

“In an ideal world we shouldn’t have ‘disability employment’, it should be employment for everybody.”

Grant Carney, Aimbig Employment Job Coach

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JR Plus logo white

The Complete Student Management System

JR Plus is a flagship student management system for the tertiary educators of today, and tomorrow.

Giving larger, more complex VET/TAFE, higher education, international college and enterprise training providers the complete answer to their student acquisition, engagement and retention challenges. JR Plus combines true innovation with vision to create the intelligent software educators need to navigate the future of study and work.

Higher Education • VET • International

JR Plus Student Management System
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Student Management Highlights

JR Plus compliance


Engage a system built for the complex compliance requirements of today’s education leaders as well as other mission-critical basics like enrolment management, scheduling and reporting.


Liberate your teams from lower-value administration functions by taking advantage of advanced workflow support tools and connecting them with intelligent automation capabilities.

JR Plus workflows
JR Plus analytics


Support data-driven decision-making with enterprise-level reporting that delivers true insight while keeping you in control of compliance and reporting (including FEE-HELP, CRICOS, and HEIMS PIR).


Provide a plug-and-play, contemporary approach to student services by achieving fast and efficient service delivery with the market-leading experience today’s students expect.

JR Plus services
JR Plus productivity


Visualise, personlise and inject artificial intelligence into the entire student journey to reduce admin costs while outsourcing tasks through purpose-built third party self-service portals.


Manage the increasingly complex student life-cycle with modern functionality and tools designed to improve student outcomes across admission, retention and course completion.

JR Plus student completion
student management system compliance


Reach individual students meaningfully during recruitment and enrolment using advanced features that cultivate positive impressions and exceed expectations.

student management system australia


Close the gap between student learning and career success with career management tools that help build better CVs, track ongoing CPD and develop a personal soft skills matrix.

student management system australia


Achieve 360-degree compliance certainty with built-in duty of care, reporting (AVETMISS, CRICOS, ELICOS, Higher Ed), state and federal funding integration and audit tracking.

student management system australia


Ensure the system you choose is one you love with our best-in-class user interface and experience including essentials like single sign-on and mobile- friendly self-service.

student management system australia


Free your teams from the past by eliminating manual data re-entry through seamless integration with the full range of software you need to succeed.

student management system australia


Access up-to-date information from your system quickly and easily with an intelligent approach to database queries that ensures the answers are always at your fingertips.

student management system australia


Navigate disruption and change with a true technology partner committed to guiding you through your evolution today so that you are set up for success tomorrow.

student management system australia


Leverage our future-focused thinking and innovation in areas including AI and machine learning, behavioural science, virtual reality and integration.

student management system australia


Access and interpret the student information you need when and how you want it, so you can build a unique and engaging education experience relevant to modern students.

student management system australia


Gain maximum value from your SaaS investment through agile development and weekly releases that keep you fluent with new software features as soon as they are released.

student management system australia


Give students access to everything they need to manage their academic affairs, ensuring the end-to-end education lifecycle supports engagement and outcomes.

student management system australia


Lower your total cost of ownership with adaptable system architecture that makes updating your strategies and processes as you change quick, easy, and inexpensive..

How DeakinCo. use JR Plus – The Complete Student Management System

“I would recommend JR Plus to any organisation who deals with learning and development, vocational education – to educational institutions – because it’s a really flexible, great program that can grow with your business, scale with your business and also provide flexibility for your students and your organisation.”

Michelle Marsden, Head of Learning Operations


Some of our clients

JR Plus