Cloud-based CRM software supporting Group Training Organisations to work smarter and better service customers.

JobReady has been working with Group Training Organisations for 15 years. JobReady Direct reflects the culmination of that experience, combined with modern CRM practices and a mobile responsive interface, to deliver our most ambitious software yet for GTOs.

JobReady Direct drives the performance of a modern and more engaged workforce. Easy, simple to use and clever software designed to save your team time and reduce paperwork.

All too commonly we see fragmented Group Training operations where teams and processes are not repeatable or aligned. Workflows, automation and integration are designed to reflect your operations. This ensures your staff focus their energies on the things that really matter so they can outperform and grow your business.

  • Mobility

    Give your field team the tools they need to stay on the road and better support your apprentices on any mobile device. You can embed and manage your forms, such as performance reviews, and ensure field have all the info they need in their pocket.

  • Automation

    Workflows and checklists ensure that your team operate consistently and with high quality. Triggers and workflows do the hard work at critical events and milestones so your team can focus on the high value activities. Reduce manual processes and stop things falling through the cracks.

  • Cohesion

    Direct has been designed to keep your team “singing from the same song sheet”. Recruitment, HR, field operations and finance are all integrated to support better cohesion across your team. One example – you can automate notifications to payroll when key details change and give field staff access to the payroll info they need.

  • Integration

    To run a successful GTO, you need multiple software systems that work seamlessly together. That’s what Direct has a full API that can support integration to your web site for job applications, and your payroll system. Get this right with Direct to enjoy streamlined operations and eliminate waste.

How we support you


Adopting new software is a great opportunity to improve your business operation. JobReady helps you to analyse your business and to design embedded workflows and automation so your team work more effectively and perform at their best.


We ensure your team are well trained on the software and we advise on your change management project so that the team fully support the change and you hit the ground running from day 1.


Once the system is up and running, we offer unlimited technical support and continue to push you to improve your use of the system as your business evolves.

Managed Service

With JobReady’s cloud-based delivery, we look after your server, security, software updates and backups – reducing your IT spend and giving you peace of mind.

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