The perfect IT partnership
    for Goverment

    Our unique understanding of our sector coupled with innovative web-based technology delivers a winning approach to software design for Government.

    Marc Washbourne, JobReady


Combining sector expertise with modern technology, we deliver the right IT partnership for Government.

With a specialisation in understanding the complexities of Vocational Education and Training (VET), JobReady delivers highly efficient solutions to Government.

JobReady provides an end-to-end solution through consultation, systems engineering, change management, hosting and support service designed to reduce red tape and leverage technology to deliver improved productivity for Government.

JobReady’s 18 years of experience and track record in delivering streamlined solutions in the VET sector makes it an excellent fit for Government projects. For Government clients, JobReady combines its vast domain knowledge with leading edge, cloud-based, open source technology to deliver highly innovative and productive solutions in a timely way.

  • Sector Experience

    When those delivering technical solutions fully comprehend their client’s business requirements, it goes a long way to ensuring successful and timely implementations of complex software projects.The management of VET data often presents unique challenges and, at times, abnormal system architecture. JobReady has a long track record of delivering robust and reliable systems to meet the particular issues in the sector. By partnering with JobReady, Government saves significant time and expense.

  • Technical Expertise

    JobReady develops high quality, cloud-based business management systems and uses a modern, open source technology stack which is highly extendable and cost effective. JobReady maintains a service oriented architecture comprising independent modules, many of which are “fit for purpose”. The adoption of this underlying technology means JobReady provides a significant springboard that delivers a major advantage in the delivery of Government projects.

  • Approach

    To deliver these projects, JobReady uses a hybrid waterfall-agile project management approach that can provide a delivery roadmap for government while benefiting from the iterative approach of agile, which allows for feedback and changing requirements. This is supported by a project governance framework with the appropriate emphasis on the rigour of project governance, risk management, IT security and quality assurance practices.

  • Managed Service

    Post implementation, JobReady delivers managed hosting infrastructure in highly secure data centres, coupled with business and technical support services. JobReady’s scalable architecture allows it to deliver appropriate hosting resources to support reliable and robust software platforms. Through JobReady’s customer service and technical support team, direct support is provided via phone or online ticketing system in an efficient and timely way.

Case Study – AVETARS for ACT State Government

  • It was this breadth of expertise in VET and reputation for delivering innovative, flexible software that led to JobReady being successful in a comprehensive competitive tender process to deliver AVETARS (ACT Vocational Education and Training Administration Records System) for the Education and Training Directorate (ETD) of the ACT State Government in 2012.
  • Through this highly complex project, JobReady has assisted ETD to co-ordinate, manage and administer funding to Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) via the AVETMISS standard. The system also offers a completely modern, digital contract variations system to fully replace a paper-based process.
  • Read more about the project here.

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