Modern, mobile workforce for
jobactive and Disability Employment.

  • Compliant -
    Department Approved

Welcome to JobReady Live – the latest software for jobactive and Disability Employment Services (DES).

In the brave new world of Employment Services, we all need to adapt to survive. But we don’t just want you to survive, we want you to flourish.

JobReady Live has been designed to complement ESS, save your team precious time and allow them to focus on what really matters placing job seekers and getting outcomes.

  • Outcomes

    We focus on outcomes first. JobReady Live supports your team to place job seekers more effectively than ever. Post Placement Support tracking helps manage the health the placement. Our Outcome Tracker allows the team to collaborate and give them every chance of achieving the ultimate goal the precious outcome.

  • Productivity

    At its heart, JobReady is designed to save time and reduce admin. Dashboards target the priorities for day to day operations. Productivity is at the heart of our case and expense management. With ESS integration, we eliminate the need for duplicate data entry. JobReady Live lets you get back to your core business, placing job seekers into sustainable employment.

  • Compliance

    JobReady Live bakes compliance into your organisation and supports your team every step of the way. Appointments will set off “alarms” if not completed with notes and result. All actions in the system are logged and each job seeker will have an activity stream that shows everything that occurred during their time with you.

  • Mobility

    JobReady Live looks great on mobile devices and features responsive design so you enjoy the benefits anywhere. You don’t have to wait to get back to the office, make the note on your mobile on the go. Job seeker self-service means your clients can access your resources 24-7 and be working to find that job from anywhere, at any time.

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